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Name:prpl prose
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[personal profile] prpl_pen's writing journal.

In an effort to be more organized with my fic, I've created this journal to house my writing. Basically, if you just care about my stories and not random fangirling or a detailed account of what I ate for lunch, this is the place to be. Expect drabbles, fan fiction, and the occasional bit of original fiction. I'm pretty heavily focused on One Piece and Bleach just now, so it's likely there'll be a bit of fic on those subjects, though I do still play around in other fandoms.

Anyone who happens upon this is more than welcome to comment with any thoughts, reviews, concrit, or feedback, or you can always email me (prpl.pen at Feel free to join; I only set this up as a community because I am lazy and can't be arsed with switching between accounts all the time. There is a possibility I might become brave enough to post some things under friendslock that I've been too self-conscious to put out for public consumption, if that is any enticement.

Feel free to leave a prompt or fic suggestion. :)

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abhorsen trilogy, ambiguity, angst, arthurian cycle, avatar: the last airbender, baccano!, bleach, books, buffy the vampire slayer, characterization, chronicles of chrestomanci, chronicles of prydain, chrono trigger, claymore, creativity, crouching tiger hidden dragon, damar, diana wynne jones, drabbles, drama, dreams, e. nesbit, elisa/goliath, faeries, fafhrd and gray mouser, fairy tail, fairy tales, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, fic, final fantasy, folk tales, fritz leiber, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, gargoyles, gen, george r. r. martin, gintama, halloween, hamlet, harry potter, heavenly creatures, imagination, imperfect romance, impulse, inuyasha, jacques/aila, jedi, jim henson, kekkaishi, konoka/setsuna, kotetsu isane, language, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lloyd alexander, lord of the rings, louise erdrich, magic, mahou sensei negima, mai-hime, malazan, manga, miroku/sango, mystery men, mythology, newsradio, one piece, peter s. beagle, pixar movies, princess tutu, reading, remus/sirius, research, revolutionary girl utena, robin mckinley, rpgs, saki, samurai champloo, science fiction, sexual tension, shakespeare, shoujo-ai, sierra/nash, speculative fiction, strawhats, style, subtext, suikoden, tenchi muyo!, the dark tower, the last unicorn, the muppets, the nightmare before christmas, top ten, unrequited love, ursula k. le guin, usopp as a fandom bicycle, view askew, watership down, wes anderson movies, words, worldbuilding, writing, ya lit, yoruichi/soi fong, young adult literature, yuna/paine/rikku, yuri
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